Tufted Tweets Camera Strap

It’s been a scorcher here in PA on this fine holiday weekend, so I spent a little time in my nice air-conditioned craft room making a camera strap for my new(ish) Lumix camera.

Tufted Tweets Camera Strap

Quite a bit nicer than the blah strap that came with the camera. Two layers of batting in the middle make it very comfortable to wear. I also made it a bit longer than a traditional strap — I like to wear my camera across my body when it’s not in use.

Tufted Tweets Camera Strap

Mostly, I just fuddled around with 3 1/2″ wide fabric pieces until it looked good to me. For materials, I used some scraps I’d been hanging on to from the purple baby quilt I made earlier this spring, mixed with some stash pieces, and hardware from an old Canon camera strap. My favorite kind of project — quick and free!

Tufted Tweets Camera Strap


2 thoughts on “Tufted Tweets Camera Strap

  1. Kat says:

    HI! now that i have a fancy camera too… want to make me an awesome strap for my birthday? please? cause you’re so talented?

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