Habitat Quilt Challenge Entry

Jay McCarroll paid the PMQG a visit back in June to announce a quilt block challenge featuring his newest line of quilting fabric, Habitat. And the winners are in! Check out the winning entries here.

While my block may not have won, I had a lot of fun designing it and hope to one day make a whole quilt out of it.

Habitat Challenge Quilt Block

These fabrics were great to work with, and I had no trouble getting inspired. Here’s a peek at my ‘design process’… The idea came from the feathers on a badminton birdie, no lie!

Design Process for Habitat Challenge Quilt Block


2 thoughts on “Habitat Quilt Challenge Entry

  1. arachnedefiant says:

    While I did like the second place entry, it seems as though to win you had to completely abandon any sort of beautiful structure or form. I’m all for the creative process, but it looks a bit like some of those blocks went through a blender before submission…YOU SHOULD HAVE PLACED (won, actually, but I don’t want you to get a swelled head).

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