Skeleton Wreath

We’re getting into the swing of Halloween here at la casa Sticks. And nothing says “Welcome living, dead and undead” quite like a wreath o’ bones.

Full credit goes to Meg at Mega Spooky for her great tutorial. I couldn’t find the styrofoam skeleton pieces that she used, so I improvised. I bought two hollow plastic lawn skeletons from Michaels (with 40% off coupons, cha-ching). I can’t find a listing for them on Michael’s website, but it looks like Party City carries a similar item.

I actually planned ahead for once, and took some nice in-progress pictures for blogging. After quickly dismantling the joints with a Philips head, I collected my supplies… (Foreshadowing: note the glue)
Skeleton Wreath Progress

Started arranging…
Skeleton Wreath Progress

Arranged more…
Skeleton Wreath Progress

And right about there is where it all went to hell. The glue I purchased was a complete disaster. As was the second kind I bought, on a repeat trip to Home Depot. And the hot glue I tried after that didn’t work either. After my quick little crafty project turned into an afternoon of frustration, I was ready to give up completely. Cue my lovely husband, who suggested that I try using his scary looking high-temp industrial glue gun. And voila! That did the trick.

Skeleton Wreath

He deserves credit for the rose in Bonehead’s teeth, as well. It’s the perfect finishing touch. He looks appropriately spooky under the glow of our orange porch light!
Skeleton Wreath


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