PMQG Swap iPad Case

Today, I’d like to share an iPad messenger case that I made for a Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild swap. In December. (I’m a bit behind on posts!) We filled out questionnaires for our counterparts, and my partner’s list was simple: ‘iPad case’, ‘gray’, and ‘Denyse Schmidt’. Done, done, and done!Corduroy iPad Case/Stand

The iPad messenger case pattern is from Etsy seller Birdiful Stitches. This isn’t the only pattern I bought from her shop, and it’s not the only one that was turned into a Christmas present! But that’s another post…

Corduroy iPad Case/Stand

There are a lot of details that I really like — the swivel strap hardware, roomy back pocket, and my additions: the strip of Hope Valley scraps (left over from my three HV quilts), and a covered button closure.

Corduroy iPad Case/Stand

The cool thing about this case is that is also folds out into a stand, thanks to some heavyweight quilter’s template plastic in the innards.

Corduroy iPad Case/Stand

I don’t have an iPad (I’m a Samsung girl), but trust me that it does fit!

Corduroy iPad Case/Stand

My swap partner Anna seemed very happy with the case. I hope she enjoys it!

More on my second Birdiful Stitches creation coming soon…


4 thoughts on “PMQG Swap iPad Case

  1. ayonaledi says:

    Hi. I bought this pattern yesterday and was so excited to try it except I found the steps weren’t explanatory at all. Some steps were also omitted e.g between steps 5 and 6, no explanation or picture as to how the 3 inside pieces (that’s the pocket piece, the piece with the 4 corners and the flap) were joined together. The zipper steps were also not explained properly. I usually read through pattern instructions twice or thrice before starting my project but with this, I don’t think I’ll be trying because I just don’t understand it:( I have made ipad sleeves in the past and I was so eager to try this pattern because of all the different features like the strap and the zipper pocket. Quite disappointed 😦

  2. ayonaledi says:

    I bought this pattern yesterday and don’t think I will be making it because I didn’t find the steps explanatory and also felt some steps were omitted. Sad much 😦

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