Innocent Crush Canasta

Innocent Crush Canasta Quilt
Completed: January 15, 2012
Dimensions: 72″ x 96″ (twin)
Pattern: Canasta Quilt by Oh, Fransson!

I’m so excited to finally be able to post this quilt! It was a gift, so it had to fly under the radar for quite some time.

For the front, I used a mustard Amy Butler print and eleven prints from Anna Maria Horner’s ‘Innocent Crush’ line. It wasn’t a line I was immediately drawn to when I first saw it, but it fit the recipient’s color palette — eggplant, gold, burnt orange. I used the same purple for the back and the binding, and quilted (surprise surprise) using free motion.

Innocent Crush Canasta Quilt, Folded

First I laid out all of my fabrics, grouping them into sets of two prints and one contrast solid. I used a white solid throughout as the neutral.

Auditioning Fabric Combinations

Then came the time consuming cutting…

A LOT of Strips!

Finally some sewing…

Making Progress

Each set of four fat quarters (one neutral solid, one contrast solid, and two prints) makes four blocks.

Set of Four Canasta Blocks

Mix ’em up, sew ’em all together, and you get a really fun, sort of bohemian-looking quilt.

Innocent Crush Canasta Quilt

When I finished piecing the top, I caved and brought my machine to be serviced for the first time in years. It came back in great shape — clean, shiny, lint-free and beautiful… but I could not get it to quilt the way it once had. My thread was breaking constantly. CONSTANTLY. To the point where I threw the whole thing in the corner of my sewing room to stew for a few weeks. I couldn’t even look at it.

After some extensive research online, I tried a few new needle and thread combinations, which helped a bit. I played with every setting on the machine. Tension up. Tension down. Stitch length. Anything and everything that I thought might help. Finally, sometime after Christmas, I wrestled my machine into submission and we’ve had an uneasy truce ever since. Still not 100% perfect, but I’m considering it a lesson in patience until I take the plunge and get a new machine.

Innocent Crush Canasta Quilt

I’ll admit that I second guessed my color palette many, many times during the making of this quilt. It wasn’t until I was actually quilting it that I really started to like it. There is something magical that happens when you start to stitch a whole quilt together… it just makes everything mesh. By the time I finished, it was more than a little hard to pack it up and ship it off. But I know it went to a great home with my lovely cousin Chloe!

Sneak Peek...

(Who knew the crappy stucco on the back of our townhouse could be so photogenic?)


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