Twinkle Twinkle

I love Pinterest. Where else would I find an idea as crazy as this?

If you can look past my awful video skills, this is the major project we’ve been working on for our little guy’s nursery.

So how’d we do it? First, we bought a kit. Then we pored over the internet, looking for people who had already attempted this project. We got a lot of tips and tricks that saved us time and effort throughout the process.

This is fairly early on in the installation, and the scariest part. We randomly drilled 288 holes from the attic down into the baby’s room. No turning back now!

Nursery Star Ceiling

A lot of people have asked if we included specific constellations, but honestly, it seemed like a lot of extra work on top of an already insurmountable task. Also, it could be argued that it’s an authentic view of the night sky from Kashyyyk or Naboo or something. Yeah, let’s stick with that.

The little doohickies sticking out of the ceiling are toothpicks. After drilling the holes, we realized we’d have to paint the ceiling… something we had hoped to avoid. So Ben did the rolling and I followed behind, faithfully plugging holes to keep them from filling up with paint.

Nursery Star Ceiling

Working from the back of the room — furthest from the light source in the attic — and moving towards the front, Ben passed the fiber optic strands down from the attic to me one by one. I knotted them into groups to keep things a little less unruly. This was the most time consuming part of the project.

Nursery Star Ceiling

The dangling fibers made for some neat pictures.

Nursery Star Ceiling

Slowly we worked our way through the room, threading fiber down from above. Each fiber was secured from the attic with a dollop of regular ‘ol Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

Nursery Star Ceiling

Here’s a peek at the attic during the process. Note the cable management system employed by my highly organized better half. You can also see the light source that makes the whole operation run. It comes with two internal ‘wheels’ that you can switch out. One makes the stars twinkle, and one makes them rotate through a few different colors.

Nursery Star Ceiling

Once all of the fibers were threaded, the last step was to clip each fiber to 1/8" inch from the ceiling. No special tool here — just a regular pair of snips with felt taped to the ends to get a 1/8" length.

Nursery Star Ceiling

Even my husband, who may not have shared my enthusiasm while hunched over in the attic for a solid week, seems very happy with the results. Let’s just say that we won’t be applying this treatment to any *other* rooms in our house… and if we’re in this house in 2043, our 30 year old son will still be enjoying his star ceiling! [Or else.]

Nursery Star Ceiling

If you’re interested in installing your own starfield ceiling, the kit that we used can be purchased from Weidamark. We got ours from their eBay store, where the kit and the shipping were both slightly cheaper.


4 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle

  1. perrymoffitt says:

    That is beyond amazing, well done! (isn’t it amazing what a husband will do for a pregnant wifey?, what a good man!)

  2. Yvette says:

    I know this is an old post by now, but I am wondering, do you put the insulation back in place? If not, have you noticed if that affects the hot/cold temperature of the room? I would like to do this project but just noticed that in your installation pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    • sticksonaplane says:

      Yvette, we replaced the insulation (which is loose fluffy stuff) over the fiber optic cable, but not over the color wheel as it gets ever so slightly warm. The room is no colder or hotter than the rest of the upstairs gets. Hope this helps!

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