Showered With Love

A few weeks ago, my mom and sisters threw an amazing owl-themed baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our son. It was a great party, with wonderful guests and a liberal dose of crafted decor and details.

It seems that a few of our guests got into the handmade spirit as well. I was touched to receive some items lovingly made just for our little bambino.

First up is a sweater from my best friend from my days at Penn State. Not only is it adorable in its own right (elbow patches! teeny pockets! shawl collar! Squee!)… It’s all the more special to me because I taught her how to knit back in our dorm days.

Gramps Sweater from Abbey

Can you believe this is her first finished sweater? I was blown away.

Gramps Sweater from Abbey

Next is a suite of blue baby gifts knitted and crocheted by the mother of another close friend. The matching sweater, hat, and booties are too cute!

Sweater Set

Soon to be filled by little feet…

Booties Close Up

She also made a beautiful crocheted blanket, which has already taken up residence in the nursery.

Crocheted Blanket

Last up is a huge surprise from my twin sister and brother-in-law. They’re well aware of my obsession with James Hance’s ‘Wookie the Chew‘ line that is dominating the nursery decor. They picked a few of my favorite prints and wood burned them onto a toy box. Here’s the front…

Star Wars Toy Box from Andrea & Sonny

…the top…

Star Wars Toy Box from Andrea & Sonny

…one side…

Star Wars Toy Box from Andrea & Sonny

…the back…

Star Wars Toy Box from Andrea & Sonny

…and the other side. They left it unstained as yet so that we could pick a shade to match the room.

Star Wars Toy Box from Andrea & Sonny

I can’t get over this lovely toy box. Such a clever idea, and I’m amazed by the work and craftsmanship that went into it. It is the perfect finishing touch for the room. I know our little guy will cheerfully stuff his toys inside for years to come!


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