My little firecracker

It was July 2nd when I realized our little guy didn’t have a thing to wear on Independence Day. A quick trip for supplies, some craft time after his bedtime, and soon he had some custom threads to celebrate the birth of our nation.

Fourth of July Onesie

I cut into some freezer paper that’s been hanging around for years for the very first time. Kind of embarrassing!

I traced the design from Word the old fashioned way.Fourth of July Onesie

It took a lot of trimming to get it all cut out!

Fourth of July Onesie

A quick iron, and we were ready for paint. I used Tulip’s ‘Soft’ fabric paint.

Fourth of July Onesie

First blue…

Fourth of July Onesie

Then white… then overnight to dry. The stencil peeled off without any problems, and after a few quick touch ups, it was ready to wear.

Fourth of July Onesie

Of course, any craft project is improved with a pint-sized model.

Fourth of July Onesie

Especially a smiley one!

Fourth of July Onesie


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