Don’t Feed the Plant!

These days I’m happy to be busy mom-ing, but every now and then I get the chance to indulge in something crafty… mostly during naps and after bedtime! I managed to find time to make E his first Halloween costume this year.

My husband was good enough to make it a group costume! They went as Seymour and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

Audrey II & Seymour

For the body of the costume, I used a pair of pajamas that fits as a rough pattern. Everything is made of fleece.

Audrey II & Seymour

For the hat, I used McCall’s #6812 to start, then added leaves, lips, teeth, gums, and an elastic chin strap to help keep it on his little noggin.

Audrey II & Seymour

Inner workings of the hat.

Audrey II & Seymour

The treat bag is made from felt and decorated it with a fabric marker.

Audrey II & Seymour

E was a great sport walking around to a few neighbors. Mostly he got a kick out of hanging onto fun sized candy bars.

Audrey II & Seymour

Between the thrift store sweater vest, dollar store glasses, and fleece for the baby’s costume, we only spent around $25.

Audrey II & Seymour Audrey II & Seymour


3 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Plant!

  1. Paula Larsen says:

    Hi Amanda! Do you still have this Audrey 2 costume? It’s perfect! I really want to do this with my son this year 🙂 If you still have it would you consider selling to me? Thanks!

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