See Ya Later Alligator Easter Basket

When looking for an Easter basket last year, it struck me that there weren’t many options for boys. That might be a bit of a mischaracterization — there were LOTS of baskets, if you were looking for Spiderman’s head or Captain America’s shield or something sports related. (Not casting aspersions at superheroes — I’m a big fan!) But I couldn’t find anything that was cute, without being frilly and obviously intended for the princess set. It took very little effort to DIY something sweet and personalized.

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket

Here’s the before — nothing wrong with it, just lacking a bit of imagination.

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket, Before

The cute alligator print was from JoAnn Fabrics, as was the basket (40% off coupon!). I don’t have a big technical writeup for making the liner, because I just made a rough match of the liner that the basket came with. I did swap out the ruffles for basic pleats.

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket

Little ties to keep everything in place.

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket

And what kid doesn’t love having their name emblazoned on everything? I happened to have access to someone else’s embroidery machine at the time, but this could be done just as easily with letters cut out of felt, hand embroidery, or even iron-on letters that you can buy at the craft store.

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket

All ready for the Easter bunny!

Elliott's Gator-y Easter Basket


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