Boy Oh Boy!

He’s here! Our incredible, adorable son arrived on January 14th, and I’ve been happily ensconced in Mommy-dom since then. Here are a few pictures of him donning some handmade duds — including his first piece of clothing ever, as he got cleaned up for his big debut.

Crafty + Baby

It’s tiring work, being born!

Baby + Crafty

All the nurses loved his dino hat…

Baby + Crafty

Ignore the wet hair in this shot. On the positive side, it’s proof that I got a shower that day!

Baby + Crafty

It’s been almost seven weeks, and I finally had time this weekend to pick up a crochet hook again. My first project was finishing up these booties that I started a few months ago. They had been languishing half-finished in my sewing room for quite some time, and I wanted to finish them up before he outgrows them!

Crocheted Lion  Booties

Pattern: Lion House Slippers by TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy

Crocheted Lion  Booties

Crocheted Lion  Booties

Crocheted Lion  Booties

I’m enjoying the peace and quiet as he naps, so no modeled shots for now…



We had kind of a lazy day at la casa Sticks yesterday, so I spent some time and made another crocheted animal hat. Can you believe there’s a pattern out there for a triceratops hat? I ❤ Ravelry.

Triceratops Hat

Pattern: Worsted Weight Triceratops Hat

Yarn: Leftover cotton from the owl hat

The only change that I made was to eliminate the earflaps. When I got to that point in the pattern, I just stopped crocheting the main hat.

I made it to match this adorable sleeper from one of baby boy’s doting aunts.

Dino Sleeper

Never too many hats for a January baby…

Triceratops Hat

Owls and Bears, Oh My…

I’m trying to improve my beginner crochet skills, so I picked two baby hat patterns to stretch my legs. The first one is an owl — I’m obsessed with them! Owl Hat

Pattern: Owl Hat from Life at the Daisy Cottage

I actually made a mistake throughout the second hat (hdc’s instead of dc’s), but it still looks pretty cute and as long as it keeps his little head warm… that’s all that matters.

Baby Bear Hat

Pattern: Little Bear Cable Hat by TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy

These little hats are great instant gratification.

Crocheted Hats