World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

It’s always an adventure exploring fandoms in diaper cake form, so I was excited to tackle a World of Warcraft themed cake for a friend whose wife is expecting their first baby this month. I kept it fairly small and simple, and hoped that he would ‘get’  it, even if no one else at the shower did. It was a hit!

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

Like our Star Wars nursery and the Harry Potter diaper cake that I made a few years ago, I didn’t have much luck finding WoW baby items, so I made do with some DIY instead. Knowing nothing about this game meant that lots of research was required, from funny bib ideas right down to the exact fonts used in the game.

I used my embroidery machine digitize fonts and logos to make three custom bibs. Unfortunately I was in a rush and didn’t get a chance to take pictures before it was assembled. The first was a twist on the ubiquitous “Green Linen Shirt” available in the game.

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

The second reads “Home is where the hearthstone is.”

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

And lastly, “For the horde”!

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

The plush murloc (an in-game baddie) was an eBay purchase. You really can find anything on the internet these days! Washcloth lollipops and travel sized toiletries rounded out the cake.

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake

Cellophane and a custom gift tag completed the presentation.

World of Warcraft Diaper Cake


Harry Potter Diaper Cake

In addition to the occasional craft show, I have a teeny side business making custom diaper cakes. I’ve done my share of puppies, frogs, and Winnie the Poohs, but a few weeks ago I was presented with my most interesting challenge to date — a Harry Potter themed cake for a baby girl. Of course there is no Harry Potter merch for wee ones, so I ended up making quite a few of the items on the cake.

Front and center, we have a baby-sized student hat (felt with embroidery), and a golden snitch rattle toy, also felt. I used a pattern to make a ball, then just freehanded the wings. Up top is the most Hedwig-looking plush I could find.
Harry Potter Cake

What you can’t see in the picture is the set of four decorated onesies. I originally had more ambitious plans for them, but I am still pleased with how they came out. They were each hand dyed (oh, the magic of Rit dye!) and then appliqued with house initials — H for Hufflepuff, S for Slytherin, etc. In a Gryffindor mood? There’s a onesie for that!
Harry Potter Dyed and Appliqued Onesies

I used my mom’s amazing Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine to add some cute sayings to these bibs. The font is ‘Harry P’ and can be downloaded for free all over the ‘net.
Harry Potter Embroidered Bibs

Add to that a few pairs of baby socks with dragons, two flannel blankets, and around 50 diapers, and you have a wizardly baby shower gift! Fingers crossed that the recipient enjoys the cake as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Wrapped Harry Potter Cake