Going to the Chapel

I was thrilled to find out that two of my very close friends are getting married, and even more excited when they asked me to help create their wedding invitations. After putting together a few sample designs, they selected a typography-driven option that we tweaked to their liking.

Forgive the gaps – they’re Photoshopp-ed for privacy.


The invite and RSVP cards were printed with a regular inkjet printer. The envelope return address and RSVP address were screenprinted with a Gocco.

Invitation Suite

It was nerve-wracking to break out my PG-11 after four years of non-use, but it came back just like riding a bicycle. In no time, my dining room table was covered in screenprinted envelopes.

Gocco! Return Address

It wasn’t all smooth sailing – I ran into problems in the eleventh hour trying to address envelopes with my printer. The ink was streaking as they went through the rollers, leaving them unacceptably sloppy. So it was Martha to the rescue! I hit up my local Staples, who have a new Martha Stewart line of paper and office supplies. I found some fun shaped labels that I had no trouble customizing and running through the printer. Problem solved! I like the finished look with the labels much better anyway.

Address Labels

Congratulations, Abbey and Leticia!

Stack of Goodies

This is not my last wedding-related crafting binge… expect more posts in the coming weeks!