First FMF Project

Finally made the inaugural cut into my new Flea Market Fancy. But not for a quilt — for a bracelet!

Flea Market Fancy Bracelet 

Normally I’m not a huge fan of pink, but these prints were calling to me. Purists out there will probably notice there’s a few non-legacy patterns in there as well, from my old FMF stash.

Flea Market Fancy Bracelet

Here’s the tutorial that I used, from Destri on Mother Huddle. All you need is a covered button kit, hot glue, and a bracelet blank.

Flea Market Fancy Bracelet

I’m hoping to wear it next week, when Denyse Schmidt visits the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild. I can’t wait for our workshop next weekend!


It’s heeeeeere….


Yes, that’s extra of the gray posies. I’m thinking a blouse, maybe?